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Rock Tape: Duct Tape for the Body

We all know that duct tape is a versatile tool used for projects ranging from household repairs to outdoor survival. Finally, the equivalent tool for use on the body is here! RockTape, generic name Kinesio Tape, is a state of the art therapeutic tape that has a profound and dramatic effect on our bodies physiology, without being invasive or expensive. It is NOT the old school rigid tape used by trainers, in the past, to stabilize ankles, etc. RockTape is latex free and brags the most effective adhesive quality in the market. This is the stuff you first saw on TV in 2012, worn by our local Volleyball Olympian heroin, Kerri Walsh Jennings. Since then, you have probably caught a glimpse of it on athletes of all sizes, in every sport, and on virtually any and all body areas. Heck, I use it on many of my clients that are simply “athletes of life.” I have found zero side effects, it can stay on for five days, can be self applied and can endure when wet. What’s not to like? Tools that help us take care of our own specific body needs, on going, are the ones that help us find and maintain our Perfect Balance Physical Therapy.

The secret of RockTape lies in the manner which it is woven to allow stretch in one particular direction, only. The controlled stretching properties of the tape stretches tiny receptors in our skin, which directly communicate with our brain via nerves. We are hacking into the brain main frame in order to: expedite healing, control pain, balance movement coordination and enhance performance. We are doing all of this by merely applying RockTape to the skin near the affected area, while that body part is in a specific stretched position.

When RockTape is placed on stretched skin, it creates convolutions of the skin, much like wrinkles in clothing. It actually lifts the skin away from the underlying tissue, creating space for more blood and lymphatic flow. The key here is delivering more blood with oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, to speed healing. The lymphatic fluids improved flow has been shown to quickly eliminate swelling and delay fatigue of muscles. When RockTape is placed on a painful body part, the stretch receptors in our skin send messages to our brain that a mild stretch is detected. The stretch nerve signals over ride the messages sent by the pain nerves, thus decreasing the pain felt in the injured area.

When a body is struggling with injury, fatigue, or inflammation, our bodies’ emergency sympathetic nervous system automatically takes over. When in “the red zone,” our bodies will inadvertently cheat to protect the damaged area. These movement patterns are not balanced, and can lead to further complications. RockTape brings dormant muscles back to life and helps calm down the overactive muscles. Help your body regain Perfect Balance by properly applying RockTape. If you are unsure what pattern is best, come on in. Christine Doblar PT is a certified Rock Doc. For more information, Call us at Los Gatos & San Jose, CA centers.