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Perfect Balance Physical Therapy is the first clinic in California to offer RIABLO training with this innovative, state of the art biofeedback device. We are proud to introduce this innovative technology to help our clients with movement re-education. Traditional physical therapy is challenged to help individuals learn new and efficient movement patterns through verbal feedback. Being able to tap into our kinesthetic awareness system allows for a superior method of movement re-education. Think of a video game combined with a highly sophisticated biofeedback unit. Riablo is a medical device that helps the user through biofeedback with wireless sensors. It allows a more efficient and rapid recovery of  correct movement patterns. Biofeedback helps the proprioceptive training and neuromuscular control, increasing the effectiveness of the normal sequences of given exercises. The accuracy of the sensors have been tested by the Institute Rizzoli Orthopedic comparing it with the gold-standard in gait analysis.In the hands of trainers of professional athletes it has proved a powerful tool for gathering information about speed, agility, stability and strength of the athletes’ legs. It is a valuable tool to design individual training programs and continuously monitor athletes’ conditions. For more information, Call us at Los Gatos & San Jose, CA centers.