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The best way to resolve physical dysfunction is to first understand what is happening. At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, we use technology to educate our clients about their own bodies. 3D4Medical is an award winning technology company that specializes in the development of medical, educational, and health & fitness applications for professional reference as well as student and patient education. These apps are expertly designed to encourage unique learning experiences through intuitive interactivity and stunning 3D visualizations.

3D4Medical’s latest groundbreaking software has revolutionized the teaching and learning of anatomy and physiology, enabling users to effortlessly navigate via cutting edge 3D technology to illustrate the human body. This technology has also proven to be of enormous benefit as a means by which to illustrate and communicate effectively with patients and clients. The highly detailed interactive visualizations, combined with comprehensive and searchable indexing systems and quiz functions, also make our apps indispensable learning resources for clients to learn about their bodies. For more information, Call us at Los Gatos & San Jose, CA centers.