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PT Politics

What Managed Health Care has done to PT …

Message to Clients from Christine Doblar

Dramatic changes in health care have been changing Physical Therapy into a volume driven business, rather than a clinical excellence driven service. What this means is insurance companies are paying far less to providers or avoiding payment at all, without consequence. As a result, deductible amounts and out of pocket costs for clients are climbing ever higher. Most outpatient clinics have been forced to have therapists treating 3-4 patients per hour, with the assistance of unlicensed support staff. Patients spend the majority of their treatment time with the aides. Limitations of therapeutic time with patients in the high volume treatment model impedes rehabilitation progress. At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy we are getting away from the high volume model of health care and creating a therapeutic service that is clinically effective. We will help you

At Perfect Balance PT we enjoy the luxury of treating every patient, one on one, for a full hour of Physical Therapy. The extra time with our clients and the comfortable clinic allows for successful outcomes. I have the experience, time, and tools to truly evaluate and develop effective treatments.We can perform manual therapy which includes advanced techniques and osteopathic treatments. Clients receive an in depth body analysis, education on their diagnosis and prognosis, and a customized self care and a home program that will result in functional improvement. It is a comprehensive and effective service. I appreciate the trust of my clients and they appreciate getting results. I’m so grateful to finally be able to deliver the high quality care my clients deserve, and to be able to do so with with sound ethics.

At Perfect Balance, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach to your healing: manual therapy, education, and individualized wellness planning. We have helped to liberate many clients from pain and dependence on medication with a holistic treatment based in medical knowledge. And, we’ll work and communicate with your doctors, bill private insurance carriers, and facilitate authorization of worker’s compensation cases.