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What to Expect

What to Expect

Perfect Balance Physical Therapy helps you fully recover !

You don’t need to live with pain. Whether you are missing out on things you love or simply the things you need to do, there are options that will make a real difference. You don’t have to put up with these limitations. Learn how you can fully return to your work, your activities and hobbies, your family and yourself.

Why you hurt. Injury is only the first step. Once injured, our bodies make adaptations to contend with what has happened. It is often these dysfunctional, imbalanced, and unconscious changes in our bodies that leave us with long-term pain and create further disability.

Beyond diagnosis. Beyond surgery. Beyond pills. Everything that you have done to this point—even seeing other physical therapists—may have only labeled your pain, medicated it, or provided short-term and incomplete relief. I’ll start with a comprehensive evaluation as a first step to designing a personalized program tailored to your specific body, needs, and lifestyle. Often within the first visit you’ll experience restored, balanced movement, strength and—most importantly—function. You will be able to start living life on your terms.

Specialized body work that achieves results. Working together, I will help you understand your “body puzzle”. I offer you years of experience in osteopathic manual therapy techniques, combined with deep expertise in neurological therapy, to help guide your body to a more balanced and mobile state. Then, I’ll help you build self-management strategies and techniques which will allow you to independently improve your own functional mobility. You will receive a personalized program designed specifically for your body, your interests, and your goals.

A practical body action plan to rediscover the vital you. You will learn how to take care of your body and its unique needs. You will discover how to harness and facilitate the natural healing power of your own body. Leave pain and limitations behind—take back control over your body and your health.

At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach to your healing which includes manual therapy, education, and individualized wellness planning. We have helped to liberate many clients from pain and dependence on medication with a holistic treatment based in medical knowledge. We will work and communicate with your doctors, bill private insurance carriers, and facilitate authorization of worker’s compensation cases.