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  • A year and a half ago, both of my ankles had constant, horrible pain (tendinitis). I thought I would NEVER be pain free, let alone exercise again. Christine did her magic for a few months.. and by the summer, I was playing soccer again! I cannot thank her enough!

    Katie C.

  • Christine is gifted in so many ways. Over 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She gets me and what I deal with on a daily basis. She listens, educates, heals and helps me manage my pain and well being.

    She is calm, warm, funny, intuitive and loving. I have seen quite a few PTs over the years. She is by far the most talented and has been the most helpful to me. Love her!!!

    Melissa S.

  • If you’re looking for an amazing physical therapist, look no further. Christine will do wonders. I started seeing Christine months ago after I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder.” I could barely lift my right arm and I was in extreme pain. Previous to seeing Christine, I had cortisone shots (which didn’t help) and contemplated surgery. Once I started seeing Christine and getting on a program with her, I felt MUCH better! I have more mobility and strength in my arm. Thanks, Christine. I finally feel like myself again!

    Helga A.

  • I have six major spine surgeries in the past four years, the last one in 2012 resulted in a complete fusion of my spine from T3 through my sacrum. At the time I found Christine Doblar just several weeks after my surgery, I was still wearing a full body brace and could walk and move my neck, but that was about it. After working with Chris 2-3 times a week for the past year, I am walking and moving testimony of what an incredible physical therapist who will not give can do for a patient with an extremely complex surgery.

    Chris took on my challenges alongside me, coaching my physical mind- body connection and improvement every day and every step of the way.

    Initially I worked on deep breathing and neck rolls. Now I do full on leg squats, Pilates ball pushups, plank-type moves, and upper weight workouts for an hour twice a week and I walk every day for at least an hour..

    One would never know that I have had back surgery and my surgeon puts my recovery in the top 3% of those having had this type of fusion. Chris is professional, super smart, funny, and very patient. Very patient. I owe my journey and return to true physical and mental well to Christine. Five stars does not do justice to the care and talent she provides her clients.

    Judy M. 

  • I hurt my back at work and over a two year period was sent to 3 different Physical Therapist which did absolutely nothing positive for me, they were all what I call PT Mills, there is zero individual attention, everyone is treated the same regardless of their injury or progress, then my Doctor sent me to Perfect Balance where I could tell instantly the I was in good hands, Christine Doblar did a thorough assesment of MY injury/situation and began a program specifically to my needs and abilities and reassessed my progress and what was or was not working on every visit and changed my routine accordingly, each routine was discussed about why I was doing it and the benefit of it. Christine Doblar is professional and knowledgeable and made more improvements in the short time I went there than all the other PT mills did in 2 years. I hope I never need injury care again but if i do I will insist on Perfect Balance.

    Scott S. 

  • When I injured my foot running, I thought I would never compete in any triathlon again. Thanks to Chris’ patience and amazing techniques, I am now celebrating completion of the Ironman events in Hawaii and Canada. I reached my personal best goals. Thanks for your healing hands!

    Dirk B. 

  • Therapy not only relieved my pain at the time, but it hasn’t returned in the six months since.  This has brought my much joy, as it is the first time in twenty years that I can say that I’m pain free! I can do all the activities I want to with my family.

    Mark M. 

  • Christine made me feel comfortable right away. I had a workplace injury that was interfering with my life. After visiting many doctors I finally found someone that listened to me. Now I’m back at work and back in the game. Thanks, Christine!

    Javier G. 

  • Christine is an incredibly gifted healer. After many years of pain, discomfort and limitations—and seeing doctors who prescribed pills and other PTs who were ineffective—Christine got me pain-free. She helped me to finally understand what is going on with my body so that I can better recognize and prevent flare-ups, and treat them more quickly when they do happen. She has helped me go from feeling I had no control and had no expectation of being healthy to feeling hopeful and  in-control. She is amazing!!

    Michelle M.