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About Us

What is the Perfect Balance Service? Specialized body work that achieves results.

Dramatic shifts in healthcare have been changing Physical Therapy into a volume-driven business, rather than a clinical, excellence-driven service. To better meet the needs of our patients, Perfect Balance designs and provides a more comprehensive service that begins, but does not end, with physical therapy.

At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, your entire one-hour treatment is spent with the physical therapist that owns the practice. You’ll receive an in depth body analysis, education on your diagnosis and prognosis, and a customized self-care program that will result in pain alleviation and functional improvement. You benefit from hands-on therapy and find relief with various touch techniques. Manual therapy includes a variety of hands-on techniques ranging from massage, myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, strain/counterstrain techniques, joint mobilization, muscle energy, active release and more.


A Unique Philosophy

At Perfect Balance Physical Therapy, our mission is to maintain exceptionally high standards of boutique physical therapy care in a climate of managed healthcare. We pledge to:

  • Help liberate you from pain and dependence on medication with a holistic treatment based in medical knowledge.
  • Deliver treatments and empowering information that provide relief of symptoms, along with an easy action plan to get you out of the inflamed state and keep you healthy.
  • Guide you to regain an optimal state of wellness through a comprehensive approach including manual therapy, education, and individualized wellness planning.


How We are Different

Today, Most PTs working in an Outpatient Clinic treat 3-4 patients per hour, with the assistance of unlicensed support staff. This high volume treatment model limits therapeutic time with patients and impedes rehabilitation progress. In the FRP Chronic Pain setting there is no touching of patients, which operates under the belief that it undermines the philosophy of teaching independence and empowering patients to manage their own health.

Christine Doblar, PT, managed outpatient PT clinics for 6 years and directed chronic pain programs for 8 years. This experience drove her to combine the principles of both treatment philosophies for a more comprehensive and effective physical therapy service. Perfect Balance allows for optimal healing to take place.


Comprehensive Treatment that Gets You Well and Keeps You There

The Perfect Balance Service takes all of you into account. Because the most effective self-treatment/strengthening program is one that is actually being done, we’ll create a practical self-care routine that can be done with simple props in the comfort of your home. We will not create a dependency on equipment that will be unavailable to you as you progress to your highest level of function and comfort.

You’ll leave our office having received a treatment that is part PT, part spa treatment, part osteopathic, part personal training, and part wellness education. We will work with your doctors, bill private insurance carriers, and facilitate authorization of worker’s compensation cases! We are happy to verify and explain your specific Physical Therapy Benefits.